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"Beware of Credit Repair Companies That Charge Monthly Fees!""

Most credit repair services charge a monthly flat-fee. While this may appear to be a good thing, it's actually counterintuitive & slows the entire process.

Think about it, if you charge clients on a monthly basis, you have ZERO incentive to resolve their issues quickly.

In fact you have every reason to stall the process & keep your paying customers around longer.

That's why we charge based on performance, NOT timetables. You only pay us when we've successfully deleted an item from your credit report aka "pay-per-deletion". That's why our clients see results 400% faster!

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  • I don't know how y'all did it, but Springhill Credit Solutions are miracle workers.
    K. Williams
    Newark, New Jersey
  • Thank you very much, Springhill Credit Solutions. I can’t believe how fast you turned my financial life around. I was able to purchase my first home because of you. I am forever grateful
    D. Gonzales
    Brooklyn, New York
  • Springhill Credit Solutions ROCKS! I can’t tell you enough how much I appreciate the service provided to me. Your company is totally about providing RESULTS, and you over delivered. I will be sending you business soon. Thanks
    J. Covert
    Washington, District of Columbia

How Much & How Long?

Everyone's situation is unique so there's no one size fits all. However most our clients see results in as little as 30 days, with significant results in only 90 days. We produce the fastest results in credit repair no matter what your situation!

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Our Clients Typically See Results 400% Faster!

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In Business for 6+ Years with Impeccable Track Record

Our average client receives 80-150 point increase in 90 days!

About Springhill Credit

Springhill Credit Solutions was founded by Brian Fleming in 2013 leveraging his finance, law, credit and real estate experience to help others get the credit, financing and treatment they deserve.

Brian invested years of time and money to study under the top credit law and finance mentors in the nation, developing a bullet proof system that gets results at break neck speeds.

What began as personal necessity, transformed into a passion to help others, after realizing how unfair credit and financial institutions can be at times. Brian leads a team of credit law and debt negotiation experts who never cookie cuts but instead creatively innovates new techniques to stay a step ahead.

We’ll help you get approved to buy products and services you were previously denied credit to obtain. And by qualifying you for lower interest rates, you’ll save money on every big ticket item you’ll ever need, whether it’s a car, a home, investment property, a loan to start a business, or whatever else you’re dreaming of. Just imagine what it will be like to find yourself months from now—breathing easier & feeling better than you have in years. Feel better already? We thought so. We can make it happen.

We Guarantee Results Or You Don't Pay a Dime!

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